Teaching & Workshop


Rachel works as a visiting lecturing of dance and choreography. She has taught choreography B.A. at Middlesex University in addition to lecturing on modules professional development/ studies, dance citizenship at Roehampton University and Middlesex University.

What Happens When Lecture and workshop series

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The What Happens When lecture series combines film, a lecture demonstration and dance workshop. The programme was developed by Rachael Nanyonjo as a part of her Trailblazer Fellowship with the Association of Dance of the Diaspora (now One Dance UK). Participants will view and receive a lecture based on the Unlaballed documentary that explores dance/ culture past and present in Uganda developed from Rachael’s British Council & Arts Council England research and development trip to Kampala Uganda in 2015.

The dance workshop focuses the pedagogy of dance, technique and developing choreography, merges Rachael’s contemporary physical theatre style,

Dance workshops


These contemporary creative class focuses on enhances the dancers technical and compositional skills. By drawing on various contemporary styles this will improve strength, mobility and technique. The also session provides the opportunity to experiment with movement and develop creatively in a supportive environment. The session will involve a mix of taught, improvisation and choreographic tools.

Professional call: The Place & Marameo

Workshops for elder dancers and people

Youth workshops / Intensives

These workshops will develop your dance technique and skills, confidence encouraging self-

expression and creativity. The classes incorporate Rachael’s physical theatre and dance vocabulary, learning repertoire, creative tasks and the opportunity to explore and develop choreographic skills.

Workshops on GCSE and A Level syllabus are available on request.

Workshops are led by Rachael or a company dancer.