This is the first in a 3 part collaboration between Creative Coffee Break and London Theatre company Talawa Theatre Company. In this episode we discuss on of their programmes for young artists which is called Talawa Firsts. We hear form four talent theatre makers babirye bukilwa, Christian Graham, Shanelle Fergus and Gaby Nimmo who took part in the program this year and how the process was for them.
Talawa Firsts kick starts the careers of exciting writers, directors and theatre makers. The festival brings together a community of artists and gives them a space to meet, spark off ideas, build networks and become the next generation to shape British Theatre.
Each of these artists has gone on a journey with Talawa. They sent in a script, invited us to see their show, or applied for our Studio Firsts programme. We have helped them to draw out the stories they want to tell. Challenged them. Encouraged them. Provided them with space, resources, the opportunity to get it wrong, and plenty of tea and biscuits…
Talawa Firsts offers a taste of the artists we are most excited about here at Talawa. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.