Nathan is a Sheffield based choreographer, dancer and Artistic Director of Rationale Theatre Company, is currently exploring how psychology can help enhance visually impaired audience’s experience of hip hop theatre . He has worked in the UK and toured internationally with some of the innovators within the dance sector such as Jonzi D and Sonia Sabri Company. In this interview we will learn how Nathan spent his year as a One Dance UK Trailblazer fellow developing a innovative study that is focused around enhancing how those who are visually impaired experience dance especially break dance. He will discuss his company method to making work in addition to what the future holds for Rationale Dance Company.

This is the third interview in our special DAD (Dance of the African Diaspora ) dialogues series. This series is brought to you by One Dance UK and focuses on their Trailblazer fellows and the up coming Re-Generations Conference at Mac Theatre this November 3-5th.

For more information about Nathan and Regenerations conference check out the links: